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Goodbye Granite Countertops?

There is always form over function to consider and granite isn’t the easiest material to maintain. Neither is it usually the most economical.

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Legislature & Governor MIA In Calif Drought?

Former Assemblyman Steve Clute offers a solution to the current severe drought…for a second time! It was known as the Water Conservation in Landscaping Act, AB 325 (Chapter 1125, Statute 1990) signed into law by Governor Deukmejian in September 1990.

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Golf “Wearable” Tech And Your New Club Membership!

How do a home, a golf wearable and country club social membership correlate? Can you connect these dots? In an offer for June 2014 only, imagine wearing a “Golf Sensor” at the Mission Hills Country Club (Palm Springs area golf, etc) , with Social Membership paid for you for an entire year when you purchase….

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